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Tons of Fun! [02 Apr 2005|04:07pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Okay remember how I posted about how my friends and I were going to have this party kinda thing? Well it was awesome! This was on Thursday, and I invited four friends over and we watched Chicago, which was great. Then we dressed up in ridiculous outfits and hit the streets! It was so funny watching peoples' reactions. We kinda danced/walked down the street and waved at people in passing cars. A lot of them waved back, but others just looked at us like we were crazy! Then this little boy in this car was just looking at us with this blank expression all the way down the street, and he even craned his neck to keep watching us until his mom turned the car into another street. It was just priceless!

We then came back inside and made this movie with my dad's video camera about these four really ordinary and boring girls, and how they got a makeover from this super talented fashion designer and it was so much fun! We did, like, before and after pics, it was so great! We then did commercials as the "Funky Four" and we advertised a BBQ and Herbal Essences shampoo. I have never laughed so hard.

Then we decided to do this model/runway show, so we got some stylish clothes together and started doing cutoure (sp) make-up on each other. You know, like really far out make-up you see on the runway on professional models? So yeah, we had on extreme eye make-up and glitter. Then my sister and her friend recorded the whole thing and it was exactly like a real runway show. We had like two seconds to put together an outfit, put it on, and then walk down the stairs in front of the camera. It was so funny because we couldn't keep a straight face, and once I couldn't find the right pair of shoes, so I just grabbed my friend's shoes which were two sizes too big for me. So there I was, walking down the "runway" barefoot holding a pair of shoes in my hands. Everyone started cracking up and we had to stop shooting and try again. Let me tell you, it was so great! I had so much fun, I swear I will do this all the time over the summer!

Anyway, yesterday we went to this Chinese restaurant and the food was awesome. We went with some friends, and one of them has a daughter who is like 7 years old. She is really talkative, energetic, small, and doesn't eat that much. So when her order of Vegetarian Noodles turned out to be this HUGE plate of fine noodles with TONS of vegetables, we all practically choked on our water! It was so hilarious! That was really fun, and later we went our friends' house and stayed there until 10:40 PM and when I came home I just fell asleep. I was so tired. It was a really good couple of days, and today is absolutely gorgeous as well. So my mom and I might go shopping after I do my chores. I am really glad to be having so much fun, but school is just around the corner and that makes me so sad! I hate school! Oh well, it is something that has to be done ;)

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Boring usual [29 Mar 2005|10:09pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Today was so boring, I woke up and my dad took me to the library before going to work. I wanted to take out The Golden Compass for this novel study I have to finish before the break ends. So anyway, we went to the library and guess what? It was closed unitl like 10 am so I was pretty mad. I didn't get the book until that after noon when I really didn't feel like reading much:(

I was on the computer all morning trying to get a host and domain...I was so confused. asked for nameservers which I don't know what it is, so yeah I am stuck. Please comment and tell me what it is if you know, thanks! Anyway it was so boring and my eyes hurt so bad from being on the computer with no break whatsoever. I got off and watched TV like a bum the rest of the day.

However, in the end I called up about 5 friends to come over on Thursday to watch a movie on our huge 52" TV and home theatre:) That makes me happy that I have SOMETHING to look forward to. And after that I wanna go shopping again. I am a shopping freak by the way ^^ I go shopping like three times a week...yes I am pretty crazy:D Anyway yeah that was all. Tomorrow I am going to FORCE myself to finish at least half of The Golden Compass. I really need to get this done and I hate last-minute homework, although I do it all the time, hehe.

Okay well thats all. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day^^ By the way please comment on the nameserver thing if you know! Thanks!

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[23 Feb 2005|06:51pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I am seriously going to update this place and make it look a bit better. I am currently making a good layout.

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